We offer Garage Deck and Garage Trac Flooring.

The traditional coin-top pattern Garage Deck is a multipurpose residential garage flooring system. It’s engineered to give you an easy to clean work surface. Garage Deck is resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, anti-freeze and most household chemicals, making it very easy to maintain. Garage Deck is ultra durable. Garage Deck is capable of handling vehicle loads in excess of 44,000 pounds and it is made in the USA.

Black Dog Garage Floors can set up for removal of garage contents and re-installation of items back into the garage once the installation is complete.

Garage Deck Flooring

Garage Deck’s patented garage tile system is engineered to turn your new garage into a veritable showplace while withstanding even the toughest garage environments.

Garage Trac Flooring

GarageTrac® interlocking garage flooring tiles are U.S.A. made and engineered and feature the ever popular “diamond” patterns which are available in a multitude of colors.


Showcase Your Baby!

Do you have a vehicle that you are proud to own and be seen in when driving around town, what about when it is sitting in your garage does it still have that same cache or is your garage flooring taking away from the overall effect. For just a fraction of what your car cost you can now have that showroom feeling in your garage too.

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Transform Your Garage Today

With Black Dog Garage Floors and in just one day we can transform your garage into a true extension of your home; your garage can now be used as a play area, hobby area, office space, showroom or a place to just hang out with family and friends.

Finished with that restoration project? Now is the time to show off that hard work, dedication and skill with a garage floor that adds to and showcases your labor of love.


Next Steps…

Set the tone for your dream garage with the perfect floor. We will help you to choose the best garage flooring for the price and with the durability and style you want and deserve.

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