FAQ’s About Black Dog Garage Floors

We have compiled some of the most common questions we receive here at Black Dog Garage Floors regarding garage flooring installation, design and maintenance. If your question is not on the list below please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, as we pride ourselves on our customer service.

How much does your garage floor cost?

The price is based on a couple of factors and since this is a start up company, discounts will be given. Please give us a call for a FREE in home estimate at your convenience.

What can I use to clean my new garage floor?

It is a low maintenance flooring system and is easy to clean. Use a shopvac or hose to remove debris. Most household cleaning products can be used on your new garage floor.

How do I protect my new garage floor?

There is really nothing you need to do to protect the new flooring from normal everyday use.

Will my new garage floor be waterproof?

This product is not affected by moisture and it is slip resistant when wet.

How long is the installation process?

The normal sized garage floor can be done in one day.

What if my garage floor has cracks in the concrete?

This product is laid over the existing concrete and there will be no damage to the new floor if the concrete cracks.

Are there any toxic fumes given off during the insulation?

No toxic fumes, no acid washing no surface preparation is required.

Can my new garage floor be repaired if battery acid damages the floor?

Yes, repairs are quick and easy. Swap out the section and replace with a new 12” x 12” tile to match existing color.