Beautiful Garage Floors

The traditional coin-top pattern GarageDeck and GarageTrac are a multi-purpose residential garage flooring systems. That are engineered to give you an easy-to-clean work surface.

Made in The USA

All the professionally installed garage floors from Black Dog Garage Floors offer great traction, aesthetic appeal, top quality, toughness and are made in the USA.

Functional Garage Floors

Upgrade your garage floor with a custom design and make it extremely durable capable of handling rolling vehicle loads in excess of 44,000 pounds.

Black Dog Garage Floors

Our Garage floors can help protect a new concrete floor or cover up and enhance an old, cracked, chipped, and stained garage floor. And due to our installation of a higher quality floor tile it will last for many more years than a lower quality one will.

Black Dog Garage flooring is highly durable, slip resistant and will also help reduce dust, keeping your vehicles and equipment cleaner.

Quality Garage Flooring

Our custom flooring is made up of individual floor tiles have an interlocking edge that overlaps and its this overlapping technology that keeps the seams very tight and at the same height, and this is incredibly important during installation because in the future this will allow a damaged or soiled floor tile to be removed or replaced without having to damage or disturb the garage tiles around it while keeping the overall aesthetic look and feel.

With our custom flooring your garage floor will not shift or move when rolling a heavy load over them, while also being impervious and resistant to most solvents, chemicals, and moisture, and being very easy to clean and maintain.


Don't Waste a Day

Set the tone for your dream garage with the perfect floor. We will help you to choose the best garage flooring for the price and with the durability and style you want.