Is this truly showing your best work? What could be better?
Is this truly showing your best work? What could be better?

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Our Philosophy

Now that’s a beautiful car its a great example of American muscle and took months and possibly years to restore and bring it back to the finished classic you are looking at today, but what is letting down your classic cars appearance? Ironically not the car but everything around it, the garage it is sitting in, so why not for a mere fraction of the cost of the car and only one day of work transform your garage into a showroom to show case your pride and joy?

Our Story

About Black Dog Garage Floors

My name is Don Femminella, my wife Tricia and I moved to the Villages at the end of September 2018. I owned a construction company in New York for over thirty years. I built my business on integrity, trust, quality, attention to detail and meeting deadlines. I’m not quite ready to fully retire, so I’m starting a company that can bring all those elements to The Villages.

Black Dog Garage Floors is named after our dog “Jasper” she is a black Labrador retriever and very special member of our family.

After seeing many-painted garage floors that were damaged, I felt it was necessary to have a quick fix without the inconvenience of toxic smells. This product can be installed in one day and is easily repaired, (if needed due to battery acid from golf cart) replacement tiles will match existing color scheme you chose.


Don Femminella

Founder of Black Dog Garage Floors



Inspiration for Black Dog Floors

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